Konstantin Zlatev 
Art Statement 
The world presents itself to me as a network of interconnected objects and powers 

interacting with each other.

In my art, I explore processes that transform those interactions into a visual sign and the accumulation of meaning(s) along the way. 

Using step-by-step algorithm in order to avoid the subjective judgment of the input of the author

I transform iconic images, from Greek philosophers to historical political figures, from digitally constructed landscapes to zoomorphic abstractions.

I simplify the image to a network of basic interconnected elements. 

My video works use real-time physical engine to animate those networks subjecting them to actual forces. Screenshots from the process are the bases for my  flat wall sculptures, constructed from simple synthetic materials such as packing tape.  

As the projected meaning of an image is dependent on a personal and "public" memory

my digital manipulations are stress-tests of our abilities to draw 

from the collective consciousness. 

My work draws attention to the in-between stages, between the readable and unreadable patterns as well as the emergence and collapse of the meaning affiliated with particular image. 

Allowing the underplaying algorithmically scripted drama to unfold into undefined abstractions.